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Interstate Hydrogen
Veterans Owned
Building a Greener Tomorrow

Our Mission:

Building a network of green hydrogen production hubs to supply ever state carbon free fuel (Green Hydrogen). The use of green hydrogen fuel as a replacement to fossil (natural gas first to build up the grid to remove the coal burning plants) fuels will reduce the United States carbon footprint by 1,000s of tons daily.

The Hydrogen Dilemma

Green Hydrogen Today is Like the Gasoline Dilemma was 130 Years Ago

What did people say about gasoline and cars 130 years ago?

And it is the same with hydrogen today.

You know how much gasoline companies are earning today. You could be part of the green hydrogen future see Interstate Hydrogen funding to help make our environment greener and earn over $3 for each kilogram of hydrogen. The energy in 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of hydrogen gas is about the same as the energy in 1 gallon (6.2 pounds, 2.8 kilograms) of gasoline.

Our Solution of the Dilemma

We plan to build green hydrogen production regional hubs 2 to 30 in each southern coastal state that are self-contained and profitable starting on day one. Self-contained because the only outside feed is water and sunlight, and the southern coastal state has a good supply of both. The sunlight will split the water into hydrogen and oxygen with the only production cost the water. All equipment will be powered from the hydrogen fuel cell stack for DC and backup battery array or from the DC/AC converter to produce AC power for the AC equipment.

The hub will be profitable because the hub will be near a major green hydrogen customer, like natural gas city-gates or natural gas-powered electrical plants both will request 24/7 hydrogen fuel to reduce the carbon emission from the utility. We need the customer base for the hub to supply the green hydrogen and make the hub profitable, while keeping the wholesale cost of hydrogen close to $1/kg, which is our target.

Our Plan to Build a Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

To get there we will have to start small by blending green hydrogen with natural gas. First, at a power plant with only one natural gas burner to be modified to burn with a blend of green hydrogen. Blending for a power company will only need a gas blending unit, would be a low cost that would help the power company to reduce its carbon footprint. For most large natural gas-burning units they can run safely using about 70% hydrogen and 30% natural gas. The 75% blend of hydrogen used in a natural gas burner for each MWh the CO2 emission will be reduced by 673 pounds/hour and would require 315 kg/hour of hydrogen.

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